Month: December 2017


Playing chess with a wooden chess set is an exciting experience

Chess is a beautiful game that allows you to match wits with your opponents. You have a virtual war-like situation on the chess board that entails you to manoeuvre the pieces intelligently to avoid a checkmate. The game can develop great levels of concentration in children. You also learn to […]


Surprise Your Loved Ones by Sending Flowers to Their Doorstep

Flowers have a language of their own. Each flower has its own specific meaning and specific message that it delivers for each occasion, which is why different flowers can be used to communicate different sentiments. What’s amazing about flowers is how diverse they are. You can find the right flower […]


Fashion for a Night Out on the Town

A night out on the town can be a great way to meet up with friends, enjoy a date night or just get out of a rut. The chance to see the ballet, opera or theater is one that many people relish. After that, a great meal at an upscale restaurant can […]


Neem and turmeric powder have their beneficial properties

The modern-day medicine is truly modern. It does not have a rich heritage when you compare it with alternative medicine like Ayurveda and others. Our ancestors never had access to the modern methods of medicine. They believed in Ayurveda alone. In fact, this branch of medicine is a comprehensive one […]


Adding a Touch of Vibrancy to Birthdays with Flowers

We all come across flowers and cannot help but be absolutely enamored by their beauty. Such is their charm and you can never stop yourself from being bedazzled by their presence. Roses, lilies, orchids… their varieties are many but they all share one thing in common – they all make […]