Tips for Removing Mildew from Women’s Canvas Shoes


The women’s canvas shoes can mildew.  They can allow the growth of mold especially if there is moisture buildup as well as high heat levels where they are stored. The mildew can grow to the critical levels and cause permanent damages on the surfaces of the shoes if not removed immediately.

Just as mentioned, mildew colony will build up if not eliminated as soon as possible. Therefore, when you detect them, it is imperative to get rid of them before they spread to other areas. Dry cloth or soft bristled brushed can be used to clean off the spores. It is important to discard all the mildewed items that are available in the shoes’ closet. You can use high hear or wash them in hot water to kill or eliminate the mildew spores. Alternatively, you can use was them using a mixture of water and chloride bleach and then dry them.

The shoes’ closet should also be vacuumed thoroughly. The area should be cleaned with a mixture of water and chloride bleach and allowed to dry. Then, prepare a mixture of warm water and saddle soap or mild detergent. Using a sponge or clean cloth, clean the surface as well as the inside of the women’s canvas shoes. The soap residue should be wiped out as well. Then, allow the shoes to dry.

The next step should be to kill the spores. The first step involves preparing a mixture of rubbing alcohol and cool water. Place a clean cloth or cotton swap in the mixture and use it to wipe the surface of the shoes. Then, wipe the surface the shoes using plain water before leaving them to dry. Plain water will also help the shoes to maintain their shapes. As you may have known already, the surface of the canvas can craft if not maintained. Therefore, after the shoes are dry, you can use the conditioner to make its surface have a supple touch. Canvas conditioners can be purchased from online retailers or mass merchandisers.

More Tips

There are various detergents that can be used to treat or kill the mildew spots. However, a number of them aren’t recommended. For example, some solutions can harm or damage the surfaces of the shoes. Also, there are some detergents that will not give results immediately. Some may be used repeatedly for the discoloration to fade away.

In some cases, mildew odor may still be present after thoroughly cleaning the canvas shoes. Putting them on the fresh air or sunlight is a great remedy. The baking soda or other odor absorbing products can remove the odors as well.

Preventing Mildew Grown on Women’s Canvas Shoes

The mildew growth can be prevented by controlling air flow, humidity and temperatures in areas where women’s canvas shoes are stored. Mildew thrives where there is natural products, like canvas, because they use them as source of food. Building waterproofing foundations or using dehumidifier will prevent moisture buildup. The mildew inhibitor can also prevent mildew from building up.

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