Revolution Plus is an advancement to the Revolution medicine which is still used to work against fleas, ticks, heartworms, hookworms, etc. There are many online pharmacies like Canada Drugs, which offer these medicines with home delivery option. However, many pet owners are doubtful about this medicine, hence retain multiple queries related to this medicine.

Below are some common queries that help you clear your doubts and get the right usage idea of Revolution Plus.

What’s the difference between Revolution & Revolution Plus?

Revolution Plus is an advanced medicine which is made with the proven uses of Revolution along with ticks’ protection. This makes it a PLUS over the revolution medicine which is still in use by many pet owners. Else, there is no such difference between the two medicines/drugs. Its single dosage once a month gives your pet protection from different types of parasites.

What Parasites does Revolution Plus protect your pet?

Earlier the Revolution was capable to protect your pets from fleas, ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms. But Revolution Plus also protects your pet from ticks which makes it a 6 in 1 protection. It protects your pet inside out to keep them safe from most of the parasites that affect your pet including dogs, cats and even kittens.

What if your pet doesn’t go out too much? Can parasite still attack your pet?

Yes! The parasites aren’t restricted to outdoor only. There are different means through which the parasite can enter your home and can harm your pet. So, it’s totally a myth if you think your pet can stay safe staying inside the boundaries. You should, however, check the outdoor and different means through which it can enter and target your pets.

What’s the right way to apply Revolution Plus?

Revolution Plus is a liquid solution which you can easily apply to your pet’s skin. There are no special instructions to apply for this medicine. You have to simply put a few drops at the back of the neck and rub smoothly. Let it dry and you are done with your task. Now, the medicine will work and protect your pet from parasites.

Is Revolution Plus Safe for Kittens & Puppy?

Yes, the medicine is proven safe for kittens, cats, dogs and even puppies. So, you no need to worry about any side effect on your newborn pets. However, you should check whether it suits your pet or not.

Are There any Side Effects?

There are situations when Revolution Plus might cause side effect on your dog. In some cases, the medicine doesn’t suit your pet. Common symptoms that help you diagnose its side effects include muscle strain, rapid breathing, fainting, skin irritation or burning. If the problem continues for a few days, the later symptoms are hair loss, upset stomach, hyperactivity, etc. So, you should observe your pet and take adequate actions if you find something wrong.

So, these are some important questions that every pet owner must know about Revolution Plus. Its recommended consulting with your doctor before you give this medicine to your pet.

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