Personality has become a preference for every person these days. The personality consists of many aspects that reflect and provides the first impact over the people we meet. Out of all the aspects that matter, the most prominent one is hairs. Good hair growth and hairstyle makes hairs look good and adds sparks to the personality. But to add more attraction to the hairs, people have started using hair color.

Majority of the hair colors are synthetic chemicals and causes different effects on the hairs. To get instant medication at affordable prices, the best option is Canadian pharmacy where you will find drugs and medicines at absolute best prices. Moving to the health effects of hair dyes, there are some adverse effects of hair dyes.

Allergies – allergies are simply the hypersensitivity of our body towards a certain stimulus.  Permanent hair colors contain paraphenylenediamine which is a common allergen. It causes effects to most of the users. The major section of permanent dye users has reported this problem.

Apart from the surface effects of the hair dyes, some issues related to fertility have also been reported. These can especially effect to the pregnant women. However, it is in rare cases but can cause severe medical effects on the body. 

Conjunctivitis – the hair dyes also affects eyes. The chemicals and dyes spread some particles that enter the eyes and cause conjunctivitis.  It also causes inflation and discomfort. In emergent cases, the reaction starts with redness of the eyes and then turns to severe condition, if not addressed on time.

People suffering from asthma can get affected by these dyes. Persulfates present in dyes aggravate the asthma problem in the asthma problem. When these chemicals are kept on inhaling, they cause coughing, lung inflation, and other breathing problems. These problems are hard to detect but needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Some hair dyes are reported to have to contain carcinogenic components. That too happens when these hair dyes are used continuously. Several attempts have been made to replace these chemicals with those having no effect on skin and other organs.

Use of these chemicals can cause a severe effect on the hairs and this causes hairs to get dry. The outer layer of the hairs gets damaged and makes the hairs shine less in severe cases, hair fall can also occur. The first adverse effect of these chemicals is shown over the hair itself before any other organ.

The therapies and chemicals that we use to give extra effects to our hairs cause a bad effect on them. The dyes that give extra shine and glair to the hair are causing hair fall and affecting other organs also. Considering all the aspects, permanent hair dyes are causing the maximum problem to the users.

Many people have started using natural ways to make the hairs strong and thick and even darkening the hairs. These works from inside the body and some natural dyes have been made from natural products that are on being used by the people these days. Those who are undergoing the above-mentioned problems caused by the hair dyes can opt the remedies and repairing treatment and shift to the more effective ways of hair coloring.

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