They say that the eyes act like windows to see your soul. Eyes are the feature that the other people notice the most on our face, which is right because the eye is the only feature that seems alive and full of life. When we meet different people, we wonder how some of them make us sink deep into their mesmerizing eyes while the eyes of some people don’t seem to interest us at all. It is all because of the way the other person has enhanced their eyes. If you too wish to improve your eyes, you can take a look at the eye enhancing tips we have disclosed below.

  • Change the glasses

If you are a bespectacled person, changing your frame or lenses will create a dramatic new change in your personality and will gain more attraction towards your eyes. When you go out to pick the best glasses for you, try choosing the one with a frame in the lighter shade, the darker ones make your eyes look slightly smaller. Also, make sure to take a different looking glasses than before to bring a new look. You can even try from some vintage frames to add a unique feel to your face.

  • Pick a darker shade for eyeliner

Eyeliners are always used to emphasize the eyes. Next time you shop for the eyeliner, try picking the one with a darker shade. Either you use this liner above the eye or below, the darker shade will contrast with the eye appear more visibly thus making you look great and attracting more attention towards your eyes. So for the next few months say goodbye to those blue or green eyeliners and say hello to the charcoal gray or the jet black ones.

  • Add shimmer

A most straightforward way to add effect to your eye is to add shimmer to it. Even if you do not like to wear some eyeshade or eyeliner, a bright shimmer can create a good effect on your eyes to attract the looker. Depending on your choice, you can either pick a nude shimmer to enhance the skin tone above the eye or choose from the bright shimmers to match up the clothes. Whatever is your choice in this case, do not forget that fancy little shimmer bottle before you leave for your net holiday.

  • Leave the mascara bottle

Mascara no doubt has the magical powers to create such dramatic changes in your looks that none other makeup can, but it could be troublesome too. It is the perfect answer to the question, do eyelashes grow back? Whenever you are about to put mascara, just take the wand to apply it lash by lash, paying attention to the smaller details. When you have the bottle in your hand, you keep on refilling the wand that results in too many globs or black hands.

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