Chess is a beautiful game that allows you to match wits with your opponents. You have a virtual war-like situation on the chess board that entails you to manoeuvre the pieces intelligently to avoid a checkmate. The game can develop great levels of concentration in children. You also learn to think ahead as you have to counter the moves your opponent will likely make in the future. The plastic pieces can break or disintegrate. Hence, it is better if you use a wooden chess set. Let us look at the advantages of playing with a wooden chess set.

Prior to listing out the advantages, one should have a brief background of how people used to play this beautiful game of chess. In the olden days, the Kings used to play this game. Naturally, they used gold or silver pieces because of their stature. Ivory pieces were also very common during those times. Now, you cannot use ivory because of the blanket ban on using ivory in any form all over the world. Gold and silver are out of question because of the affordability factor. That leaves you with other materials like plastic, crystal, or wood.

Plastic pieces are very cheap and prone to damage. Crystal chess pieces look great and are in use in many places. However, there is nothing stronger than wood when it comes to manufacturing chess pieces and boards.

Advantages of using wood to manufacture chess sets:

Durable: Is there any doubt about wood being durable? There should not be any because there cannot be any other item as durable as wood is. The glass and crystal pieces can break. Nothing happens to wood even when it falls to the ground from a height. You have 32 pieces vying for space on a chess board. A couple of them can fall off accidentally. Wooden pieces do not suffer any damage.

Looks: Wood looks great. You can have these exquisite hand carved chess set looking beautiful all the way. Wood offers a more traditional way of playing chess as compared to the cardboards and plastic sets. They give an aesthetic appeal when you use them.

Comfort: Wooden pieces can be very light to use. One agrees that the board can become a bit heavy at times. In spite of that, wood is a comfortable item. These boards have specially made compartments to store the pieces. Therefore, there are no chances of losing them. You can bring your creativity to the fore while manufacturing the wooden pieces.

Variety: When you use wood, you have a lot of variety. There are different types of wood, the most common being rosewood. The pieces made from rosewood look beautiful. They are easy to carve because of the softness of the wood. You have the advantage of using different colours such as white or cream and black or brown.

In short one can say that the hand carved chess set have become popular. They are available online as well today at Mystiq World.

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