What does the Socks tell about a person?


The socks an individual is wearing say a lot about his character. People who are very particular with what they wear often dress in a manner that reflects their mood for the day. Some might use brilliant colors when they are feeling fired up or happy; and some may decide to use monochromatic tops when they’re down in the dumps.

Do you want to know what does your socks tells about you? Here is a fun list.

  1. Knee High Socks

A girl may have joined a Catholic school, when a girl wears knee high socks. When they were more youthful, they should have taken it as some sort of constraints but as these girls age, they learn to appreciate these knee high socks by personalizing them. Some would even have the socks hand painted while some would make use of personalized socks. They have learned to turn uninteresting and conventional socks into fun socks!

  1. Classic socks

Older or mature people tend to wear brown or black classic socks. These people are classy however could either come off as courteous or, seemingly, really impolite. They may be somewhat stiff in body movement and like to display power and authority.

  1. Socks with holes

It recommends that the individual wearing them might be a penny pincher when you see a person using socks with holes due to use. It might also indicate that he/she is adventurous and wants to exceed limitations. A look here

  1. Crazy prints

Then that person may be crazy– good crazy when you see a person wearing insane socks (or cool socks). The print may provide you a hint of the wearer’s hobbies, occupation, other interests. A women using socks with an aircraft prints may be a disappointed, want-to-be pilot.

  1. Intense socks

When you see an individual using brilliant colored socks indicates that individual is a happy person. You might even be amazed to find out that some people from the corporate world are wearing stripes of pink, red, orange, and yellow, fashion socks This implies that even if the rest of their appearance needs regard and authority, their socks are their outlet for being hopeful and happy.

  1. White socks

Did you know white is the friendliest color? It implies peace and harmony. People who love white socks may be really specific about tidiness or a playing-safe person. She may be afraid to take threat and always conforms to the norms.

White socks apply just for sports. When going to the health club, it is good to use white socks. They ready also and in fact look more attractive than some black socks. Athletic socks are not a good idea regardless of color if you want to use dress shoes. Athletic socks are in some cases bulkier because they are made of cotton that are heavier or some other materials, so they have propensity to cluster from the dress shoes.